by Lycanthia

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    1. The Essential Components of Misery 09:19
    2. Eternity... 01:48
    3. Forgone 07:34
    4. Ablaze the Wheel Turns 06:06
    5. Despondency In Crescendo 09:59
    6. Time Feeds this Wound 06:36
    7. Hair of the Beast 05:19
    8. From Ancestral Lands 06:38

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Lycanthia's 2012 release "Oligarchy" available in Jewel-case CD on the band website: www.lycanthia.com or in digipak format through www.hypnoticdirgerecords.com - It features layers of harmonies and classical modulation, mixed with old school death/doom riffs.


released August 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Lycanthia Sydney, Australia

Lycanthia play dark aggressive and emotional Metal in a style that would be best described as a fusion of Doom, Classical, Gothic and Rock. Lycanthia formed in the late 90s, are a 6 piece Metal band based in Sydney, Australia.

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Track Name: The Essential Components Of Misery
Awaken, despise the beauty of the dawn
Only once again to join with chaos
Choking, smothing all that I am
I'm drowning in the tides of slavery
Slavery with the illusion of freedom

Giant herds of men that spread across the lands
Devouring, devastating all in sight
The freedom of past now gone
Now drones, bio-machines

The birth of digital flesh
Cloaked in digital appendages
I suffer so, a bygone product of my race
Am i truly outdated or are my eyes wide open
While the rest suffer, blinded and unaware?

Forced by the strong
Submerge my will, conform
The inevitable truth
The reshaping of our existence
I long for the afterlife
Track Name: Forgone
Far from the woes of earth
Lived a deity
Hitherto a stranger to calamity

Still, no heart is immune to love
And fate chose a worldly creature
To charm our young God

The Gods took heed
Masters of creation
Were filled with fury

No God could halt such passion
No power could forestall such zeal
I defy thee, rulers of the universe
I condemn eternity without her

At last... Liberty
A divine pariah
Stripped of immortality
Seeking comfort in the realm of the mortals

Eyes glisten with passion
Her touch confirms a gesture of tenderness
A single night they spent
Entwined in one last embrace

Awakened by wrath...

Lo the stench of death filled the place
Darkness enshrouds them
As Gods cast their vengeance
Silence hovers over moments drear and sick
She lays dying
Still graceful as night
Elegant as fall...

Cries unanswered
Orisons unrequited
I cease endeavors
And ponder my escape...
Death comes at last
What is mayhem for man
Is merely solace for me
Track Name: Ablaze The Wheel Turns
Global incestuous death
Creating the destroyer
Destroying the creator

A hunger for flesh
Both in lust and death
Suicidal plague body
Fucking it's way to self-destruction
For all it knows,
All it sees

Selfish backs are turned
As lust wells up
The suffering of the new to come
Matters not

A lover,a parent, a child
Turned upon itself Murder suicide
Born to turn upon itself
Track Name: Despondency In Crescendo
Hope flickers, dying on the horizon
And felicity renders into oblivion
A fantasy...

Frozen in time
A prisoner inside my own self
Locked within the walls of my own disgrace

Tearslinger under my skin
A fusion of pride and fear
A blend of serenity and resentment

The want to flee consumes me
The urge to succumb eats its way
Through a brawn, weakened by seclusion

In my utter gloom, I glance death
My seductress, my enchantress
I felt life closing in on me
Smothering, suffocating me

'Tis unfeasible to escape the bitterness of life
I felt life closing in on me
And I tasted death with delight

Ne'er will I dwell...
Track Name: Time Feeds This Wound
A constant reoccurence awakens my suffering

My existence servitude to trauma

As a time lapsed world carries on

Reality became my nightmare

This dwelling despair suffocates my soul

I battle this doleful ever dawn behind masquerade

These limbs are pulled by threads from times past

Like a puppet, my actions play out my suffering

These bleak eyes witness to terror

Crimson tears will stain these cheeks

My tragedy engraved in my skil

Oh to embrace a new day, the suns warmth

I am cold and prisoner to filthy regrets

It is said that time heals all wounds

Time had only fed this wound

The rusty rapier succumbs to my warmth

"Bleed me for I am poinsoned"
Track Name: Hair Of The Beast
The king and queens in golden towers
Men of God, children of demons
Beggars and threadbare pariahs
United under the lure of one poison

Nearer to death at every breath
And yet we work each day
To by night play a twisted game
And dissolve what years had built

Awaken from the cure in a shroud of errors
In sickness, yet the torment of past remains
No ease, but one lless night to live
So look to the future and the poison again

Hair of the beast that plagues us

Destroy memories of pain with
Warped euphoria ever forgotten
All that remains is sickness
Track Name: From Ancestral Lands
My primeval eyes sheilded from fear
All truth and vision was blinded, lost
The early years, the lost years
The link to the ancestral plain
Now I wonder
And I wander

I journey through strange corridors
Or mirrors distorted reflections
Crossing paths of unfamiliar memories
Doors closed on rooms, never again entered

Sadness grasps hold
Longing for this lost part of me
Something now unknown
And only the end now, will reveal the secrets
That I long for
How I long for